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 **Damage/​Effect:​ **1pt of damage ​ **Damage/​Effect:​ **1pt of damage ​
 (not subject to Damage Reduction) ​ (not subject to Damage Reduction) ​
-and delivers a [[..:​rules:​drugs_and_toxins#​toxins|toxin]] (see toxins ​page 97). Damage ​+and delivers a toxin (see [[..:​rules:​drugs_and_toxins#​toxins]] page 97). Damage ​
 Reduction applies as a penalty to hit with the weapon ​ Reduction applies as a penalty to hit with the weapon ​
 instead. Add Damage Reduction (armor/​silicoid/​ instead. Add Damage Reduction (armor/​silicoid/​
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