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[Psionic, Action, L.O.S.]

(Psionics vs. 8, +3 per additional die or target or point of penalty to resist being spaced or having an item taken)

You may spend from this pool to attempt to move an object or being within Line of Sight up to 1d6 squares with your mind. (You may move them out of Line of Sight.)

You may add +3 to the difficulty to move the target an additional die of squares, or add an additional target, or penalize the targets' attempts to resist you by 1. All dice apply to each target but roll dice separately for each target. Targets getting pushed out an airlock are entitled to an Athletics check of 8 to resist becoming spacewalkers.

If you target an item on another character, they are entitled to an Athletics check of 11 to keep the item (or stop you from psychically pulling the pin on their grenade). If you move an item into your square you may grab it with a free hand as a free action.

Pool: Athletics + Psionics

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