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500cr, mass 4, energized, rq# 12

At the start of your move action, you may attempt to turn one or more of your points of movement into Jet moves (see page 33) by making a Piloting skill check against a difficulty of 8.

You may add +3 to the difficulty for each additional point of movement you want to convert to a Jet Move.

Failure in this attempt deals one die of damage to the user. Movement converted to Jet Moves is lost.

You can walk the rest of the way. Upgrade decreases the difficulty of the Piloting skill check to use by 1.

Note: You can jet diagonally. Your jet move just has to be in a straight line up to 10 squares. You can never jet into or through a slagged square. You may jet out of one.

JetPacks require L.O.S.

JetPacks do not require you to have a hand to use them but can be used either “in hand” or “slung”.



Porter is a human pilot with a skill of 4 (and a professional reroll) so he goes for a double Jet Move at a base difficulty of 8 +3 for the second jet and then subtracts his skill of 4 to need a 7 on the dice. If he fails, he suffers a die of damage and loses 2 off his move. If he succeeds, he can spend any 2 of his 5 points of movement as Jet Moves moving up to 10 squares in a straight line for those instead of just going to a single adjacent square.

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