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The Artifact

by Phil Eklund and Jeff Siadek


A valuable Vomeg navigational device known simply as “the artifact” has become available on the black market thanks to a Scientist on a space station in orbit around Vomeg. As this device is a cultural treasure of the Vomeg homeworld it is not strictly legal to remove it from Vomeg space so you'll be opposed by customs officials as well as the Pinkertons they hired. A customs violation is a local affair and cannot be contested in intergalactic court. However, if anybody gets killed in the process you will be charged with intergalactic piracy. Your mission is to deliver the barrel of credits to the Scientist and take possession of the artifact without killing anybody or stealing their ship. If anybody gets killed along the way, you must revive them in your Sick Bay or you'll be branded as pirates.


Warp out with the artifact and nobody dies. (It is all right if some of your crew dies.)

Overwhelming Success

As above and none of your crew is captured or killed.

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