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The Fearsome Predations of Everett Dingo

by Jeff Tidball and Jeff Siadek


(This mission assumes the heroes are the crew of a UREF vessel.)

Everett Dingo and his crew of abominable pirates are the scourge of the Newest Zealand system. Because of their terrifying reputation, no serious transport company as routed a freighter near any of the system's planets for years. This has had a negative impact on enemy shipping as the Newest Zealand system is predominantly sympathetic to the rebels but piracy cannot be allowed to stand!

A recent communication from Dingo's ship, the Wild Dog, intercepted by an Universal Republic listening post, suggests that the pirate is offline for repairs, and that now might be an ideal time for attack, to capture this scourge for trial and eliminate his ship once and for all.


Board the Wild Dog and capture Everett Dingo alive before warping out.

Overwhelming Success

Capture three additional members of Dingo's crew before warping out.

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