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Way Out of Control


Xeloxian Ship Mission


Our ship was in the process of examining a field of highly brittle asteroids (thus dubbed “glassteroids”) when we realized it was a trap. Glassteroids are stationary and they can't be tractored. There is one per hex. They take damage like microships that always fail their survival checks. They can be targeted with Teleporter bombs. If you ram a glassteroid, it will fail its hull check and your ship will sufer as if it had rammed a normal asteroid. A Cannon in fusion mode will only destroy the glassteroid in the hex of detonation.

We have also learned one last thing: An evil presence has set up an isolated isotopic oscillation (we're calling it the “Bostwick effect”) that will cause the glassteroids to detonate en masse at the end of Round 1. Detonating individually does no damage but when they go off all at once, it will annihilate everything still within the glassteroid field.

There is no way to stop the evil presence, but if you are interested in expressing your frustration at them, a number of manifestations have just appeared in the starboard wing.


Get the ship out of the field by the end of Round 1. You must destroy the glassteroids in your path, dodge them, or ram them.

Overwhelming Success

All hands survive.

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