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Cargo Bay

(some Cargo Equipment requires external facing)

This module is a catch all for various items that a ship could be fitted with but don't quite warrant a complete module. A Cargo Bay has 4 slots in which to put Cargo Bay items.

The UREF provides basic Cargo Bay items (Battery, Cargo Netting, Damage Control, Drone, Fighter, Hull Stabilizer, Inertial Dampener, Launch Tube, Local Life Support, Megatorpedo, Tractor) to its crafts free of charge (and their ubiquity makes them worthless if you try to sell them for scrap). Otherwise, Cargo Bay items each cost 500 credits and take up a single slot.

The Cargo Bay has a battlestation in the center of the module which is used to operate Cargo Bay items in that bay.

Cargo Bay Items

Unless otherwise specified by the mission, enemy ship Cargo Bays are equipped with a Battery, Hull Stabilizer, Damage Control and Inertial Dampener.

Damage to Cargo Bays

Each time a Cargo Bay is hit with ship's weapons, roll damage for the items inside as if they were characters (hull damage die of 1, 2 or 3 deals one die of damage. Results of 4, 5 or 6 deal two dice of damage).

Any damage die of 6 breaks the Cargo Bay item.

Cargo items that are doubly broken are destroyed.


Some Cargo Bay items, as indicated, have an on/off switch to indicate that they are generating their effect. They are assumed to be on unless switched off. It is an automatic action to switch the setting of an on/off switch taken from any battlestation.


Normally Cargo Bay items are installed at shipyards.

Occasionally, you'll find the need for a quick re-fit on the fly. Here's how that goes. You must make a Detach action in order to free it. You may then Move it, and Install it.


(Battlestation Action: Engineering vs. 11)

Success detaches the Cargo Bay item from the Cargo Bay.

Move Cargo Bay Item

Can be done with a Tractor as an automatic action (page 120) or manually as follows:

Manual Cargo Item Movement

(Athletics vs. 14, multiple Assists are possible and each reduces the difficulty by 3)

Note that for this task you may get assistance from multiple characters in contact with the item, and each assistance reduces the difficulty by 3. Success maneuvers the item into space or into an adjacent Cargo Bay.


(Battlestation Action: Engineering vs. 11)

Success attaches the Cargo Bay item to the Cargo Bay. It is now fully operational.

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