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Mine Layer

(requires external facing)

This device powers up and launches a mine into an unoccupied space hex using a hybrid technology somewhere between a teleporter and a tractor.

Place Mine

(Engineering vs. 2 x Distance, +3 difficulty for each Used marker)

If successful, place a mine in any empty target hex within the firing arc of the Mine Layer. There is no penalty for failure (besides the power expenditure and the Used marker).

It may be used multiple times in a Round but only once per Phase.

Spend a Guns power and place a Used marker on the Mine Layer module each time it is used regardless of success.

Drop Mine

(Engineering vs. 0, +3 difficulty for each Used marker)

This works the same as for Place Mine above, except that you may drop a mine in your own hex. It does not arm until it is alone in a hex with nothing microship-sized or larger in it.

Mine Attacks

Mines blindly attack anything that moves into their hex. If two or more ships move in, the mine attacks each in turn (until it hits one or misses all of them) in the order they enter the hex.

A character on overwatch may attempt to dodge mines during ship movement (see page 146).

Microships and Mines

Mines will not attack microships.

Mines are unaffected by cloaking.

Mine Hits

Mines ignore Speed. Roll hit allocation to see where the mine strikes, choosing 7 as the centerline for the ship. A mine that misses the ship's silhouette does not detonate.

Mines can be in any of the following types as chosen when placed:

Warhead Deals 2 dice of damage like a missile (page 136)
Gas Per missile page 136
Chaff Place 6 Chaff markers in the hex. Remove 1 at end of each Phase. Line of sight into or through the hex of a Chaff mine is at a penalty = number of chaff markers in the hex.
Plasma Like a plasma missile (page 138). Starts a fire
Seeker +3 difficulty to dodge. 1 reroll if hit allocation misses silhouette. Deals only 1 die of damage if it hits.
OOC Roll a die for random facing. Each turn causes 1 OOC
Anchor Decelerate ship by 2 and add 2 OOC
Probe Science Probe (see page 138)
Heavy Deals 3 dice of damage like a Heavy missile (page 136). Heavy mines are -3 dificulty to dodge.
Burst Survival check for all in hex (2 dice damage to spacewalkers). Errata Note for Mine Layers in Space
If you are using a burster mine in space, it triggers when anything microship sized or larger moves into the hex and causes everything in or moving into the hex to make a survival check for the remainder of the Phase.
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