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Missile Bay

(requires external facing)

The Missile Bay lacks the punch of a Cannon but adds versatility in the form of various types of missile to launch. A Cannon deals more raw damage but you can't ride a cannon blast onto an enemy ship.

Each Missile Bay may be used once per Phase.

The user determines type and target upon launch but the missile can be retargeted.

You may not target your own ship with a warhead missile. Missiles ignore shields.

Attempts to launch a missile from a Missile Bay with at least one Used marker are at +3 difficulty per Used marker and, if they fail, detonate a standard warhead inside the Missile Bay regardless of what type of missile you were trying to launch.

A ship may have at most 6 missiles in flight.

Missile Variety Chart

WARHEAD TYPE Standard 2 dice 2 n/a 6
Heavy 3 dice 1 n/a 5
Seeker 1 die 3 n/a 10
Plasma 1 die 2 Starts fire 7
Gas - 3 Cloud in target and adjacent modules 4
BOARDING Standard 2 chars 2* n/a 2
Heavy 3 chars 0* Must be piloted by an occupant or will not land 1
Light 1 char 3* n/a 3
Rescue Pod 3 chars - Retrieval 8
OTHER Science Probe Science - Science Bay questions 9
Flare - 3 Struck object becomes 1 easier to be targeted 11
Burst - - Cause survival and hull checks for all in hex 12

*Any character on overwatch to do so may spend their action to use a piloting skill check instead of the boarding missile's attack dice.

Launch Missile

(Battlestation Action: Combat vs. 11, +3 per Used marker)

If successful, select a missile and a target (it need not be in Line of Sight). Place a Missile marker in your ship's hex. Eligible targets include objects such as ships or planets or a specific hex. After the launch attempt, spend 1 Guns power and place a Used marker on the Missile Bay.

If you are launching a boarding missile, the occupants must be within one square of the Missile Bay battlestation. A conscious unwilling character gets a free passive Athletics check against a difficulty of 8 to avoid being snuffed into a missile and launched.

Tractored Missiles

If a missile is tractored, any action by or within the missile including attacking the ship is at a penalty equal to the tractoring ship's Guns power (see Tractor, page 120).

Retarget Your Missile

(Battlestation Action: Combat vs. Distance to missile, +3 per additional missile to retarget)

On success, redirect one missile launched by your ship to a new target. In the same action, retarget additional friendly missiles for a +3 difficulty each as long as they are no further away. Missiles cannot be otherwise steered or controlled except by ECM (page 140) or tractoring (page 120). You may not redirect a warhead missile to your own ship. Boarding missiles can only be retargeted by the occupants.

Missile Movement

Missiles move 6 hexes each Phase after ship movement. Missiles ignore facing restrictions for launch. They must move along the shortest route possible toward their target. If two hexes are equidistant, the player who fired the missile moves it into the hex of their choice.

If the target runs silent and disappears from the map, the missiles will continue to its last known location and then spin around there waiting for it to come back.

Missiles move in order of move priority, from lowest to highest, but resolve attacks in reverse order.

For the purpose of being targeted, missiles move at Speed 6 regardless of how many hexes per Phase they are moving.

Missile Resolution

After all missile movement is completed, each missile resolves in the order of resolution. A missile in the same hex as its target will attack. Thus, a seeker missile gets a chance to blow up a heavy missile target before the heavy gets its chance to blow up the ship it is targeting. In the case of two missiles of the same size, missiles targeting smaller objects move after and attack before other missiles and further ties are resolved in favor of the heroes.

Roll the number of attack dice listed for missiles with attack dice. The difficulty is double the Speed of the target. Burst missiles detonate after missile movement at the start of missile resolution. Science probes don't attack. They just hang around their target or target hex sending telemetry back to the mothership.

If a missile attack hits, a character aboard the target ship on overwatch to dodge may attempt to dodge the missile (see page 130).

If there is no successful dodge, the missile hits.

Hit Allocation

In the case of a boarding missile that was piloted in, the character piloting chooses any module along the facing the missile struck.

In the case of a warhead missile (or an unpiloted boarding missile), see hit allocation on page 107. Characters aboard an unpiloted boarding missile may spend Luck on the hit allocation roll.


If a microship moves into a hex containing a body larger than an asteroid (moon-sized or larger), it must make a survival check of 7 + Damaged markers, or be destroyed. This roll is luckable by everybody aboard a boarding missile. A character in a boarding missile on overwatch to pilot from the previous Phase may attempt a Piloting skill check to dodge instead of the survival check before the dice are rolled.

Missing with Missiles

If the missile fails the attack roll or misses the silhouette with hit allocation, it becomes a “chaser” and will move and attack again on the subsequent Phases until it hits, is redirected, or the target is no longer on the map. Chasing missiles are still subject to attacks, explosions, and ECM.


Missile Bays now have the option to launch any type of missile as a micromissile. Micromissiles do not put Used markers in the Missile Bay and move at a rate of 1 hex per Phase. They roll 2 dice against double the target's speed to see if they hit.

Micro warheads deal 1 die of damage. Micro boarding missiles and rescue pods hold 1 character.

Warhead Missiles

When a warhead missile strikes its target, roll the damage dice as follows. A seeker missile rolls one die, a standard missile rolls two dice, and a heavy missile rolls three dice. Each result of 4, 5 or 6 raises the OOC level of the struck ship by 1. Apply the dice according to the appropriate diagram for warhead damage to see which modules are affected and which dice apply.

Note that OOC is only generated by the dice once whereas hull damage is generated by each module that is struck.

Each die of damage that results in 1, 2 or 3 deals one die of damage to the occupants of the affected module. Each die of damage that results in a 4, 5 or 6 causes the indicated module to be broken (add a Broken marker) and deals two dice of damage to its occupants.

A plasma or seeker missile will only affect the module it strikes.

A standard warhead applies the larger die to the module it strikes, and the smaller die to each module that shares a side with the module of impact.

Heavy missile warheads fill in the corners with third die.

Hits to Missiles

Any hit to a warhead or burst missile adds 2 Damage markers before you make the survival check of 7 + Damage markers. Note that Megatorpedoes only add 1 Damage marker per hit. Hits to Science Probes add only 1 Damage marker per hit.

Science Probes

A science probe has instruments for a payload instead of a warhead. It can be used to learn more about remote phenomena when using the Science Bay. You may use your science probe(s)' position(s) in addition to or instead of your ship's position when consulting the computer to ask a yes/no question.

Note: Science probes can only be used for consulting the computer, not for scans. They have no effect on any other function such as data gathering specific to a mission.

Burst Missiles

These missiles detonate in their target hex causing no actual damage but causing a survival check for each microship and a hull check for each ship in the hex and two dice of personal damage to all spacewalkers.

Flare Missiles

3d6 attack dice. Struck object becomes 1 easier to be targeted. You can spacewalk to clean off the flare with Engineering 8 or a personal weapon damage die of “6”.

A micromissile Flare missile rolls 2 dice to hit and moves at 1 hex per Phase.

Boarding Missiles

Boarding missiles provide EVA for their occupants for the first 10 Rounds or until the missile is destroyed. The missile is destroyed upon impact. It causes no hull damage to the ship it strikes and disgorges its contents into the module forming a seal.

Characters aboard a boarding missile can take any action except battlestation actions. Common actions include “Bracing”, drawing weapons, healing oneself with a MedKit or going on overwatch to pilot the boarding missile in or shoot upon impact.

A character aboard a boarding missile may choose to spend an action to pilot the missile in with a Piloting skill check instead of the missile's attack dice. (Note this Piloting action must be taken as an overwatch action from the previous Phase.) Successfully piloting a boarding missile means you get to select a module of impact instead of rolling hit allocation.

Hits to Boarding Missiles

Each hit on a boarding missile causes one die of damage to the occupants, raises the damage level of the missile by one, and causes a survival check for the missile. The difficulty of this check is 7 + the number of Damage markers (luckable). If it fails, the occupants suffer an additional die of damage and become spacewalkers. Note that the Damage marker is added before the survival check so your first check is at 8.

All actions in a damaged missile are at a penalty equal to the number of Damage markers.

Damaged missiles cannot be repaired.

Arrival Location for Boarders

The character arriving selects a square without a character in it to land in. All fellow passengers in a boarding missile must arrive in the nearest square(s) of their choice that are unoccupied.

Boarding Missiles as Landing Craft

A boarding missile can be crash landed on a planet or asteroid using its attack dice against a difficulty of 8. Any character aboard on overwatch to do so may spend their action to make a Piloting skill check to replace the missile's attack dice. If this check fails, the occupants of the craft suffer one die of damage for each point of failure margin.

In any event, the boarding missile is destroyed and the characters had better hope the planet is hospitable.

If you are in a boarding missile and decide to leave the mission, the Enemy will adjudicate your chances of eluding hostiles until you can be picked up by a friendly ship. Boarding missiles are not equipped with astrogation equipment or a Hyperdrive so they can't leave a star system. It may be a long, long walk home.

Rescue Pods

Rescue pods move normally to their target hex, capture their target during missile resolution and return to the launching ship with missile movement on subsequent Phases. They have sufficient Life Support for 10 Rounds. The target may be up to 3 character-sized objects linked together. A character in a powered armor counts as two character-sized objects. A barrel counts as one character-sized object.

If the target of a rescue pod is conscious and unwilling, they may attempt one free Athletics check at a difficulty of 8 to resist capture. Successfully resisting a rescue pod destroys it.

Rescue pods will not open until they reach the launching ship. They can be hacked open or shot open like enemy portals (see pages 31 and 33).

Rescue pods cannot be used in an atmosphere.

Targeting Missiles

Regardless of actual movement, missiles are targeted as if they are moving at speed of 6. Damaged missiles are 1 easier to hit for each Damage marker. Teleporters cannot target a missile.

ECM a Missile

See Science Bay, page 140.

Tractor a Missile

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