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Science Bay

The Science Bay allows the generation of shields, scans, ECM missiles, and is used to ask the computer Yes or No questions. It can be used many times in a Phase but each time it is used it gets a Used marker. Subsequent uses add +3 to the difficulty to use the Science Bay for each Used marker.


If the Science Bay is broken the ship cannot put power into Shields. If slagged, the ship loses all Shields power. Putting power into Shields does not put a Used marker on it or require an action (other than the action to pump the engine, transfer power or discharge the battery to generate the power). You can take power out of Shields on a ship with a broken Science Bay but you can't put power in.


(Battlestation Action: Science vs. ½ Distance, rounded up, +3 per additional scan you wish to get)

Having a scan on a target allows you to see the contents of a ship, base, missile or fighter. This effects expires when the scan is spent or removed, or at the end of the Round (whichever comes last). You may expend scans to reroll hit allocation rolls on the target. You may not use scans for hit allocation of your missiles.

A ship may have a total maximum number of scans equal to its Size. If you generate more, choose which to discard.

Note that the difficulty to scan your own ship is zero (because the distance is zero) and a successful scan will tell you about stowaways or Plot Twists aboard your ship. Counterscans remove enemy scans from your ship.

Note that you do not need to have Line of Sight to get scans or counterscans.


Ask a Yes or No Question.

(Battlestation Action: Science vs. Distance, +3 per additional question you want to ask)

You can use the Science Bay to ask a question about anything in the system. The difficulty is the distance to the farthest hex you are asking about.

Example: There are missiles 3 hexes and 7 hexes distant. If you ask whether the 3 hex distant missile is a boarding missile, your difficulty is 3. Asking whether the 7 hex distant missile is a boarding missile, is a difficulty 7 check. If you ask whether either is, you difficulty is still 7. If you ask whether each is (two questions: “Is this one a boarding missile?”, “How about this one?”) your difficulty goes up by 3 to 10.

Collect Data

(Battlestation Action: Science vs. Distance to object)

Many missions require the collection of data. The number of successes indicates the amount of data gained. Some missions have a required amount of data to gain to complete the mission or gain a valuable clue as to the nature of the mission.


(Battlestation Action: Science vs. Distance to furthest missile, +3 for each additional missile)

You can fool any missile other than a boarding missile into thinking it has found its target by using Electronic Counter Measures. An ECMed missile will squander its movement and action instead of moving and attacking its target.

Success puts a Used marker on the missile. It will stay where it is and remove the Used marker on its next chance to move or act, instead of moving and acting.

A missile can only have one Used marker on it.

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