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This module delivers boarders or bombs to enemy ships and platforms.

Note the following:

  • Teleporters are one way trips. You must find your own way off the enemy ship.
  • You cannot teleport to anything smaller than a ship or larger than a ship. You need just the right amount of gravity to teleport. You may not teleport onto fighters, missiles, or into space. You may also not teleport onto asteroids, moons, planets or stars.
  • Failed teleportations are painful. If you fail the skill check to teleport or miss the silhouette of your target, whatever you are teleporting comes back to the Teleporter. If this is a character, they suffer a die of damage (armor won't help but other abilities will). If it is a bomb, it detonates in the Teleporter.
  • You must have one power in Guns to use the teleporter. The teleporter doesn't use Guns power unless you're launching a Teleporter bomb.


(Science vs. your Shields + target's Shields + Distance)

Declare before the attempt whether you are teleporting yourself, a character on the other battlestation, or a bomb. Add a Used marker after you resolve the Teleport action. The Teleporter is at +3 difficulty to use for each Used marker.

These bombs are balls of energy that are always available to teleport but cost a Guns power.

If the skill check is successful, roll hit allocation for a direct fire hit (pg 107) to see where the bomb or boarder shows up.

If the hit allocation misses the silhouette, the teleport fails just as if you'd failed the skill check.

If the hit allocation roll hits for a bomb, it deals one die of hull damage to the target ship. If this die is 1, 2 or 3, it deals one die of damage to the occupants in the struck module. A damage result of 4, 5 or 6 deals two dice of damage to the occupants and breaks the module causing 1 OOC.

Arrival Location for Boarders

The teleported characters place themselves in any unoccupied square in the module where they arrive.

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