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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Human 5 8 2 5 Y Willpower: You may reroll one or both dice when making a skill check within your profession. You need not decide whether to reroll both before rerolling either.

Humans founded the Universal Republic and are the dominant force in the galaxy. Human attributes are the norm by which other species are measured, despite their odd physical layout (articulated bipedal endoskeletons with two manipulating limbs).

The human homeworld of Earth has a senate of its own after which the Universal Senate is fashioned. Humans were the first to make contact with an alien species, and have managed to maintain a Universal Republic which includes every species “known to man”. Some species, such as barely sentient alien bugs that eat humans, don’t know they’re actually in the Universal Republic, but that doesn’t stop the U.R. from taxing them in some way.

Alien Ability: Willpower

During a professional reroll, humans may reroll one or both dice. You may roll these one at a time.

Homeworld: Earth 1.78

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