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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Silicoid 9 7 1 4 N Rocky: Each time you would be dealt damage reduce it by 1d6.
Strong: Add +10 Carry and +1 point of damage dealt with melee attacks.

Silicoids are asexual mounds of fleshy clay covered in tectonic slabs of rock, and they sound like mixing concrete when they speak. They derive sustenance from the light given off by the two stars around which their home world makes a complex analemmatic orbit.

Approximately every 9 years when the planet is at the exact center between the two stars, up to a third of the Silicoids participate in a ceremony called the fold which ends when the participants are collectively crushed under their own weight to be reborn as the next generation. They inhabit ORE-rich worlds throughout the galaxy.

Silicoid quarters in a Life Support module consist mainly of a large cement mixer that tumbles them under a super-heated lamp.

Alien Abilities: Rocky, Strong

Rocky: Silicoids may reduce any damage inflicted upon them by 1d6. Note: this does not affect non-point-based damaging effects such as disintegrators or stun effects.

Strong: Silicoids have +10 Carry limit and deal +1 damage on all melée attacks.

Homeworld: Silica 6.23

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