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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Tentac 6 9 6 N Resilient: Roll an extra die each time you are damaged and remove the highest die.

Tentacs are composed entirely of intertwined tentacles connected by thin strands of hair deep within their tangled mass. They have no real ‘center’, but even so, they are closest in chemical make-up to the humans. Tentacs eat, breathe and breed in much the same fashion as humans, except they’re hermaphroditic, bearing both reproductive organs.

Despite their appearance (described by humans as, “a living pile of spaghetti”), Tentacs are products of the most advanced culture and educational system in the galaxy. They are known for their extremely wry wit and a particular fondness for philosophical dichotomies (the flagship of their fleet is named ‘the Peacegun’, for example). They communicate with other Tentacs in an elaborate sign language, weaving complete messages with dozens of tentacles at a time.

The Tentac homeworld is covered in a thick layer of clouds, and until the humans dropped through the Tentac atmosphere, Tentacs didn’t believe in ‘outer space’. Tentac science developed along bizarre lines without cosmology.

Tentacs are among the most socially mature beings in the Universal Republic.

Alien Ability: Resilient

Each time a Tentac is damaged for at least one die of damage, roll an extra die and remove the highest.

Homeworld: Tentac 2.6

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