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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Zoallan 4 9 3 7 N Carapace: -2 points of damage from all sources.

These are 4 foot tall furry crablike beings. They have a high code of honor and now that they have signed onto the Constitution of the Universal Republic, they will not violate it. Their hive system only allows those who follow the path of honor to mate with the queen, but any Zoallan can rise to that honor, hence all Zoallans except the queen (and a few princesses) are male. The few sociopaths who won’t adhere to their belief system are exiled but they believe in their hearts (all three are located near their knees) that their actions will vindicate them and assure them a place at the head of the royal queue.

Alien Ability: Carapace

All damage inflicted on a Zoallan is reduced by 2 points.

Homeworld: Zoalla 3.10

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