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Starting Your Adventure


Select Mission

Now that you’ve got everything you need to start your adventure it is time to get underway (see sequence of play page 300). If you want to play a campaign, consult the campaign rules on page 176. Alternately, the Enemy may select a one-off mission.

Setup Ship

Arrange the modules according to the layout for the given ship as listed on pages 265. If the heroes don’t already have a ship, select a size 3 scout ship of human registry to start. Players may rearrange these modules as desired before the mission begins as long as they keep the same modules and the facings for them are legal. Depending on the campaign and Enemy’s discretion, the players may substitute modules or select a different registry.

Place Characters on Ship

At this time, the heroes place their characters on the ship. It is advisable to place characters on Battlestations that correspond to their profession. Keep in mind that performing upgrades (page 145) has certain placement restrictions.

If the ship has more Life Support capacity than characters the heroes may fill the unused spots with bots (see page 24).

Mission Difficulty

The mission difficulty (MD) is based on the average Rank of the heroes. This will determine the Ranks for enemy characters and mission specific parameters such as how much data to gather etc. If you have fewer than 4 players reduce the MD by one. If you have more than 5 players increase the MD by 1.

Plot Twists

The Enemy gets to draw a number of Plot Twist cards equal to the Rank of the highest ranking character plus the total number of characters. Thus a crew of 4 with the highest among them at Rank 3 would allow the Enemy to draw 7 cards.

Some missions have suggested Plot Twists. The enemy may spend the listed number of Plot Twist cards before the mission starts to add the suggested Plot Twist to the mission.

Morale Ability

The enemy may spend Plot Twists to select a morale ability from page 162 for the crew of one of their vessels. This is optional.

Using Plot Twists & Enemy Luck

The enemy can use Plot Twist cards at any time as specified on the card. The enemy may instead discard a Plot Twist card to get 2 Luck Tokens.

The enemy can spend this Luck in the same way heroes can except a given Enemy character may only spend one of this Luck on a given event. i.e. a pilot is failing a Helm maneuver to dodge an asteroid after his professional reroll and may spend one of the Luck to reroll one die of the skill check.

If that fails, crunch. He could spend a luck subsequently on the damage he’s about to receive.

If the resulting collision causes a Hull check, each enemy aboard could spend up to 1 luck on the Hull check.

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