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After the Mission

Hooray! We won! Or Boo-hoo, we lost.

Either way, the mission is over and it is time to clean up the aftermath. Since there is cloning, even a total party kill isn’t the end of the universe. It still hurts, though.

After Mission Order Resolution

Heroes may resolve mission aftermath in the order of their choosing excepting that the replenishment of Luck and Pools always is the last thing to happen in a a campaign turn. Thus, if you Rank up, you’ll be able to use your new Rank and the Luck or Special Ability you gained on requisitions but not replenish the Luck you spent during the mission before requisitions.

Award Experience, Prestige, and Credits

Each character that participates in a mission gets experience, prestige and pay according to the success of the mission.

Failed Mission

Even for a failed mission, heroes earn 100 experience, 100 prestige and 100cr of pay.


For a successful mission, the reward jumps to 200 each of experience, prestige, and pay.

Overwhelming Success

A mission that is an overwhelming success earns the heroes 300 each of experience, prestige and pay.

You may roll 2 dice and consult the following chart on the right to see what special reward they get for overwhelming success.

Overwhelming Success Chart

2 Second Helping Each hero may keep an additional prize from the enemy ship
3 Caught the Admiral’s Eye Replenish Luck and pools before requisitions. Luck and pools one level deeper next mission only
4 Gambling Each character has the opportunity to bet as much of their total credits as they like and roll 2 dice (luckable) a result of 10 breaks even, 11 doubles their bet and 12 triples it!
5 Cash Reward Each hero is awarded a bonus of 2d6 (luckable) x 100 credits
6 Supply Ship There is a bonus round of Requisitions this campaign turn
7 Personal Equipment Upgrades There is another round of upgrades this campaign turn for personal equipment only
8 Ship Upgrades There is another round of upgrades this campaign turn for ship’s modules only
9 Private Tutelage A veteran offers to give the heroes tips and advice. Each hero gains an additional 2d6x10 Experience points (luckable)
10 Specialized Tutor A specialist offers to teach the heroes the finer points of one of the skills. Roll a die to see which skill is being taught:
1: Athletics 2: Combat 3: Engineering 4: Piloting 5: Science 6: Heroes’ choice (not each hero)
It costs half as much experience to gain a level in the listed skill this turn. Each hero may use this benefit a maximum of once per campaign turn.
11 Bonus Luck Each character has their Luck value increase by one permanently
12 Hero’s Choice Each hero may select one result from this list


A captured character earns experience as normal but no prestige or pay and skips the requisitions portion of the end of campaign turn. Unless otherwise stated, they lose all gear and are issued new equipment as if they’d died.


The heroes may each claim one item each of captured enemy spoils in a successful engagement. This item could be a module, piece of personal equipment or a Cargo Bay Item.

Heal Damage to Characters and Ships

Remove all used and damage markers from the ship and remove all hull damage and character damage. It is a good idea to record the modules and equipment on the heroes’ ship.

Adjust any End of Campaign Turn indicators

Many campaign books have Campaign Indicators that represent the big picture of how things are going in an ongoing struggle between the heroes and their enemies. Depending on the campaign and the indicators this could have an effect on anything from requisitions to enemy skill levels or equipment.

Replenish Luck and Pools

This is always the final step in a campaign turn. Reset your starting Luck and Pools to their fresh state.

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