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Cargo Bay Glossdex

Armory Allows Heavy Weapons
Atmospherics -3 difficulty on maneuvers in atmosphere. Only 1 OOC
Auto-Engine, Helm, etc. Operates specific type of module
Battery Holds 2 power. Distribute as an automatic action
Boarding Plank Temporary link between two ships in the same hex
Brig Holds bad guys
Cannon Enhancement EMP Hits break personal equipment that isn't broken
Cannon Enhancement Fusion Node Can be reconfigured to fire blasts like ship explosions
Cannon Enhancement Ion Hits ionize occupants
Cannon Enhancement Plasma Even damage dice cause fire to module
Cannon Enhancement Radium Feed Damage is less to occupants but hard to heal (banned)
Cannon Enhancement Strafing Hit allocation sweeps across ship instead of penetrating
Cannon Enhancement Stun Hits stun occupants
Cargo Netting Protects loose cargo
Damage Control +1 on all repairs and single use to restore hull damage
Diplomacy Studio Half Distance to enemy ship for Diplomacy actions
Drone Unmanned fighter with skill 3 in Piloting and Combat, no reroll
EMP Generator Break personal equipment aboard that isn't broken
Explosion Modulator Range and Shields count double for explosions
False Cargo Item Allows you to carry contraband
Fighters (see page 122) Microship you can get in and fly around. Requires launch tube
Galley Bonus hit point for crew
Gas Generator Put gas cloud in the Cargo Bay, all Life Supports and adjacent modules
Gymnasium Crew gets a free reroll in all Athletics checks
Hull Stabilizer Reroll one die in failed hull check
Inertial Dampener Reduce OOC by 2 instead of 1 at end of Phase
Ionizer Everything aboard the ship has one higher level of ionization
Launch Tube Allows you to launch fighters
Local Life Support Allows an additional crew
Long Range Sensors Half distance on scans and yes/no. Rerolls vs. Navigation Hazards. Ignore 1 Used marker on Teleporter
Megafin -3 difficulty to turn in the indicated direction, +3 in the other direction
Megatorpedo (Single Use) Fast upgraded missile. Requires Missile Bay
Missile Enhancement Missiles are faster, more accurate and survive better
Multi-Capacitor Maximum power levels are one higher
Ouchifier All aboard suffer 1d6-1 points of damage at the end of each Phase
Powered Armor Combat suit with built-in weapons. Take half damage
Relay Station Reduce targeting difficulties by 1
Rocket Booster Increase Speed, OOC and Hull Damage.
Rocket Refuel Refill Rocket Booster
Safety Chamber Protect stuff
Self Destruct Destroy your own shift
Shield Capacitor Boost shields to maximum until End of Round
Shieldcutter Enemy shields count half (round up)
Smuggler's Hatch Crammed objects count half. Reduce difficulty to repair or upgrade modules by 1
Solar Sails Generates power to each system if there is a star
Stun Generator Stun all aboard as an automatic action once/Phase.
Targeting Computer Reduce distance to targets by 1
TeleChute Mini-wormhole connects two squares
Tractor Capture microships, move enemy ships, cargo, spacewalkers. Tractor Dock
Warp Inhibitor Add your Guns power to difficulty to operate Hyperdrive.
Warp Optimizer -3 difficulty on Jump actions (HMFYP campaign1) )
First Edition module
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