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Cargo Bay Items


Stockpile and service heavy weapons. Holds up to 6 heavy weapons (must be acquired separately). Also allows storage for up to 500 mass of personal equipment items. Items stored in a functioning Armory are not subject to EMP effects and get a reroll vs. damage.

It is an automatic action to access an item or heavy weapon from the Armory. A ship equipped with an Armory confers a bonus on personal upgrades. Any attempt to upgrade or repair personal equipment (bot sized or smaller) is at 1 lower difficulty.


Your ship is equipped for planetfall. The difficulty to maneuver in atmosphere is reduced by 3 and generates only 1 OOC regardless of ship size.

Auto-Engine, Helm etc.

Some processes can be automated. The Auto devices can operate a module for you as if they were a bot. The AutoHelm can fly the ship but you also can have an AutoEngineer to pump the engines or an AutoTeleporter to operate the Teleporter.

These devices ignore OOC, have a skill of 4 with a professional reroll and can only be used to operate a given module type remotely but with no remote penalty. Engine, Helm, Missile, Science, etc.

I.e. an AutoCannon could not reconfigure the Cannon or launch missiles. Like a bot, these devices can go on overwatch but cannot Prepare.

An Auto-whatever (etc.) in an upgraded Cargo Bay reduces the difficulties of its skill checks by 1.


Need a little extra power? The Battery holds 2 power. It is an automatic action to expend the Battery and allocate the power as you see fit..

To recharge the Battery, you must make an Engineering check of 11 and expend 2 power from any system(s). Broken batteries discharge.

Boarding Plank

How about a personal visit as the ships pass? The boarding plank can be activated as an automatic action by any character at any battlestation.

The boarding plank fires out a temporary chute between your ship and any other ship or installation in the same hex allowing boarding between those ships connecting the Cargo Bay of the firing ship and any external door of the target ship.

This breaks the door of the target ship. This connection lasts until the two ships are not in the same hex or the boarding plank becomes broken or is manually switched off. Beastman ships have this item built in to their hull.


Has somebody been misbehaving? How about this handy gadget for holding up to 4 prisoners in timeout. Cannot be broken or unlocked from inside. Must have access code or hack to unlock. Those inside get reroll against collateral damage.

It cannot be opened if it is broken but if it is destroyed, if will open.

Note that the prisoners still require Life Support.

Cannon Enhancements

These objects can be added to your Cargo Bay to offer optional enhancements to your ship.

They all can be turned on or off as an automatic action by anybody with access.

Cannon Enhancement Ion


Ramp up the ionization on enemies with a shipboard Cannon. Your ship's Guns power is considered one lower. Those in the module suffer damage as though hit by an ion weapon (page 83) instead of suffering normal collateral damage.

Damage to the module is resolved like a normal Cannon hit.

Cannon Enhancement EMP


Your Cannon shoots EMP (see page 82) which effects all personal items in the struck modules.

Cannon Enhancement Fusion Node


If you have this item aboard your ship, you have the option to reconfigure your Cannons to Fusion Cannon mode (see page 103).

Cannon Enhancement Radium Feed


This little gem is outlawed by the Zoallan Compromise (you'll be docked your pay for a mission if you use it).

Your Cannon shots deal "dirty" damage (see page 39).

Cannon Enhancement Stun


Give your enemies a time out right where they are sitting. All taking collateral damage make Athletics check of 11 or suffer Stun effect (see page 85).

Cannon Enhancement Plasma


This enhancement holds the enemies feet to the fire. Literally! Even die results (2, 4, 6) put the module on fire.

Cannon Enhancement Strafing


You apply the damage across the enemy in a sweep instead of a penetrating shot. Apply the largest die to the module indicated by the hit allocation and then select a direction.

Apply the rest of the dice to modules along the line of sight in that direction.

Cargo Netting

Free. Allows rerolls for damage to objects held in it.

Damage Control

A ship equipped with a functioning Damage Control lowers the difficulty for module repairs by one.

You may expend the Damage Control as an action in the Cargo Bay and make an Engineering check vs. 0. Each point of success allows you to remove one point of hull damage from the ship.

Expending the Damage Control in this manner does not stop it from giving the bonus to repairs above.

Diplomacy Studio

Halves distance to target ship for Diplomacy. All enemies on your ship are adjacent to you for Diplomacy.


Drones are unmanned fighters. They behave as a bot in a fighter except as noted here. Drones move 4 hexes/Phase. They have Piloting and Combat skills of 3, but get rerolls in nothing.

Drones are microships.

Drones require a Launch Tube Cargo Bay item in the same Cargo Bay to launch.

EMP Generator


At the end of each Phase, this item generates an EMP effect throughout your ship (see page 82).

Explosion Modulator

Count the range and your Shields as double against explosion effects.

False Cargo Item

Allows contraband smuggling. It looks like it functions but doesn't. Instead it holds a Cargo Item sized piece of contraband or 4 barrels.


Fighters are detailed on page 122.


Each member of your crew gets one bonus Hit Point at the start of the campaign turn. This point can be suffered as normal but cannot be healed.

Gas Generator

Expend as an automatic action to put a gas cloud like a gas grenade in the Cargo Bay, all Life Supports and each module adjacent to those modules. It replenishes after campaign turn (see Gas, page 151).


Each crew member who started aboard a ship with a Gymnasium gets a free reroll on their Athletics checks.

Hull Stabilizer

You may reroll one die in your failed hull check.

(Silicoid ships have this item built in.)

Inertial Dampener

The ship reduces OOC by 2 instead of 1 at the end of each Phase. (Xeloxian ships have this item built in.)



Ion levels aboard ship are effectively one higher.

Launch Tube

(Requires external facing)

This item allows a ship to launch Figthers and Drones from this Cargo Bay. The Fighters and Drones also take up slots in the Cargo Bay.

See Fighters, page 122.

Local Life Support

Allows you to have one additional crew aboard. If functional and all regular Life Support Modules are down, it provides Life Support at the end of the Round to all occupants within its Cargo Bay.

Long Range Sensors

Halve distance for scans and yes/no questions. Also gives all characters a reroll on any checks to avoid a navigation hazard.

Ignore 1 Used marker on the Teleport.



Any skill check to turn in the indicated directin is at 3 lower difficulty. It is 3 harder to turn in the opposite direction. If it is turned off or broken, it has no effect.


(Single Use)

This is a single use missile with the following exceptions. Requires launch from an adjacent Missile Bay and that counts as a launch for that Missile Bay.

It rolls 3 dice to hit and adds 2 to the total, moves 8 hexes per Phase, has a 3 dice damage explosive payload that starts a fire in the module of impact. It only gets one Damaged marker each time it is hit. It reduces the difficulty of its survival checks by 3 and may reroll one or both dice in a failed survival check (one at a time).

The Megatorpedo does not benefit from missile enhancements (below).

Missile Enhancement Device

All missiles launched from this ship while this device is operational get +1 hex speed and reduce the difficulty to hit targets and make survival checks by 1. (Zoallan ships have this item built in.)


Your ship's maximum power levels are one higher. You can count the benefit from at most a single Multi-Capacitor.



Boarders getting you down? How about a little disincentive program? This baby deals 1d6-1 damage to all aboard at the end of each Phase.

Powered Armor

Powered Armor is detailed on page 118.

Relay Station

This object can be put into space to provide a sensory data platform to help your ship. It requires an Engineering skill check of 11 to launch. Each Relay Station reduces the difficulty by 1 for all targeting activities of friendly ships, fighters, drones, missiles etc. targeting in the system. You can gain the benefit of a maximum of 3 Relay Stations.

It can be recovered by docking with it. Target number 12 to shoot at. Treat as a stationary microship. Can be hacked locally only with Science 11 to gain the benefit for your side as well.

Rocket Booster

Want some speed in a hurry? Use this object as an automatic battlestation action. Roll 3 dice. The highest generates OOC, middle is hull damage. Change the ship's speed by the lowest die (to a maximum of 5). This object requires external rear facing to accelerate, or external forward facing to decelerate.

It can be used in either way in a Tentac ship or in a ship with a Cargo Bay with forward or rear facing. It can be repositioned by physically moving it to the right spot (see page 109).

Rocket Refuel

Refuel Rocket Booster up to 3 times as an Engineering action of difficulty 8. Expend one charge each time it is used. This is a battlestation action.

Safety Chamber

Everything in the Cargo Bay gets a free reroll against all incoming collateral damage. This item functions in a broken but not slagged Cargo Bay.

Self Destruct


Initiate countdown (or shutdown) by actions at two Helm battlestations in the same Phase. Ship detonates at the end of second following Phase unless shutdown. Functions even if item destroyed, Cargo Bay and Helm are slagged.

Shield Capacitor

As long as there is at least one power in your Shields, your ship's Shields power is considered one level higher for inbound attacks and one lower for outgoing Teleportation (page 142). Canosian ships have this item built in.


Enemy shields count as half (rounded up).

Smuggler's Hatch

Reduce the difficulty by 1 on attempts to open or close access panels or repair or upgrade modules. Count the number of crammed objects in a module as ½ (round up) for penalty purposes.

Solar Sails

Generate 1 power to each system at the start of each Round during power generation as long as the ship is in a system with a star. This effect does not occur on the Phase you warp in.

Stun Generator

Anybody may activate as an Automatic action to generate a Stun effect for entire ship. Use this at most once per Phase (see page 85).

Targeting Computer

Reduce the distance to other objects in the system by 1 (before halving for long range) for targeting purposes. Vomeg ships have this item built in.


Mini-wormhole connects two squares on a ship. They are treated as adjacent to one another. Fungaloid ships have this item built in.

Please also note:

  • You can draw line of sight through the Telechute only from the connected squares to each other.
  • You may draw line of sight outside the Telechute squares as normal.
  • You may add any number of these devices to your ship an they all link up.
  • Track which link to one another in case of a broken Cargo Bay or items.


Tractors are detailed on page 120.

Warp Inhibitor


Add your Guns power to the difficulty to any attempt to operate a Hyperdrive within the system. Also can be used to drop ships out of warp for ambush in certain scenarios.

This use has no effect in the tactical engagement.

Warp Optimizer

Reduce the difficulty by 3 to use the Hyperdrive and on all Jump activations (HMFYP campaign).

Blank Cargo Bay Items

On the opposite page1) are blank Cargo Bay items you can print and use as often as you like.

117 of the Advanced Rulebook
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