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Character Actions

During the “hero actions” portion of each phase, the players’ characters and their bots and/or allies will act and move in the order of their choosing.

Each character must resolve their entire turn before another character begins their turn. (Note that you can use “overwatch” to get around this restriction.)

On your turn, you can move and act in either order.

You may take free actions during your turn either before or after your main action or your move action.

Your Action

You can attempt any action which you have a chance of success with. Actions in this book are described as follows

  • Action Name (modifiers)
  • Relevant skill vs. Difficulty
  • Additional modifiers
  • Action Description

Action Name

This is the title of the action. It should give you an idea of what the action is intended to accomplish. Some of the more popular actions are “Attack with personal Weapon” you would use to shoot your blaster at somebody or “Simple Helm Maneuver” for turning or accelerating the ship.

(Modifiers) This appears after the Action Name. It is where it may indicate that the action is “automatic” requiring no skill check or “free action” meaning it doesn’t require you to spend your action for the phase on it.

Note that automatic is different from free. Drawing power from a battery is an automatic action that doesn’t require a skill check. Taking a free attack on an enemy trying to move through your square is a free action that requires a skill check.

Some of the Special Abilities are marked “Psionic” here. This is usually only relevant if you are deciding to run a less fantastic campaign that is grittier.

Relevant Skill vs. Difficulty

All skill checks require you to throw 2 dice and reduce the difficulty by the relevant skill (such as Combat for shooting somebody with a blaster). This line indicates which skill is relevant for the action and the method for determining the difficulty total your roll needs to reach.

Additional Modifiers

This optional section provides details about adjusting your difficulty to modify the outcome. For example, you might want to turn an additional facing with your Helm maneuver and that would add 3 to the difficulty.

Action Description

This is where the outcomes for success or failure are detailed. Two common actions are “Attack With Personal Weapon” and “Turn Ship.”

Attack With Personal Weapon

(Combat vs Target # of intended target)

The target must be in unobstructed line of sight for a ranged weapon or adjacent (including diagonally) for a melee weapon. Success indicates you apply the effects of the weapon you were using. Failure indicates a chance to damage the module the target is in. Roll damage and any die result of “6” breaks the module and causes one point of hull damage.

Turn Ship

(Helm Maneuver, Piloting vs Ship Size x2 + Ship Speed x2, +3 per additional turn)

Spend a Helm power to attempt and adjust the OOC level up by one for each turn. If successful, rotate the ship within its hex that number of facings.

If this check fails, cause an additional amount of OOC equal to the amount by which the attempt failed.

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