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Explosives are Dangerous. Any skill check to quickdraw or use explosives that results in doubles detonates it in your square instantly.


Grenades cost 25cr each and have a mass of 1. Frag and Energy grenades deal damage to all in line of sight. Subtract distance from damage. Anybody not in Line of Sight gets a reroll for each corner away they are from the explosion. Roll damage dice for module they detonate in and 1 die for each adjacent module in L.O.S. “6” results break the module and cause a point of hull damage. Nonsentient Bots more than 6 squares away from the explosion ignore the largest die of damage. Non damaging grenades generate other effects as listed.

Arming Grenades

A grenade can be armed as an automatic action. It can also be armed as a free (and automatic) action when it is thrown. You can arm a grenade to any of the following circumstances.

Immediate Instantly (in your hand, just after being armed)1)
Short Fuse At end of the arming character's turn (after they are completely done with their actions and movement)
Phase Delay At the end of the specified phase (0 to 6 phases)
Proximity Select a number of squares when arming for proximity. The device arms at the end of your action (and move if any) just like short fuse above. The device detonates as soon as anything moves into a square within the proximity and Line of Sight.
Remote Whenever the remote detonation signal is given as an automatic action from an authorized wristcomp if on the same ship or Science Bay if in the same system. (This cannot be hacked.)
Combination Any combination of the above.

Remote Detonation

If you have a wristcomp, or Science Bay, you and your crew can detonate explosives you’ve set for remote detonation with a Science skill check.

The distance is measured in squares for a wristcomp or hexes for a Science Bay. Add +3 to the difficulty for each additional remote explosive to detonate.

(First Edition players note. You can no longer hack explosives armed for remote detonation.)

Throwing Explosives

Explosives can be dropped in your square or an adjacent square as a free action. Grenades can be thrown by making a Combat skill check against 3+ the distance to the target square. The difficulty to throw satchel charges is 3+ double the distance to the target. A failed throw puts the object one square closer per point of failure.

Intercepting Grenades

Any character along the line of sight may take a free attack on the grenade to try to bat it, or fall on it. Characters with “reach” can intercept as if they were in squares adjacent to themselves.

The difficulty to intercept a rocket powered grenade is 3 higher.

Each character gets only one free attack on a given grenade. Otherwise, we’d have “grenade-minton”.

Batting Grenades

The target number to hit a grenade just like any other piece of personal equipment is 11. Grenades that are in flight do not give the attacker the -3 difficulty to the Combat skill check for a stationary target. Grenades are considered “in flight” for the rest of the phase they are thrown as they bounce to a stop. If you hit a grenade roll damage. A damage die result of “6” destroys it with no other effect. If the grenade is not destroyed, it can be batted by the interceptor a 1d6 squares in a straight direction in Line of Sight.

Falling On Grenades

You may spend your free attack to fall on a grenade in or passing through your square with no skill check needed. You are effectively taking a free action to turn the grenade into a Coup de Grace attack on yourself. The grenade will deal its effect twice to you (ignore Damage Reduction) but everything else that would have been in Line of Sight of the grenade (including the module) is now considered out of Line of Sight around 1 corner.

Grenades Cost 25, mass 1 for all grenades.
EMP y EMP all energized equipment and cyberware in L.O.S.
Energy y 2d6 damage.
Flare n Makes person or object holding 3 easier to be targeted.
Frag n 2d6-1 damage.
Fritzer y 1d6 personal damage. Roll 4d6 to break module.
FrostBomb y Frost effect on all in L.O.S.
Gas n Contains needler toxin. All in cloud affected as if shot by needler (see page 96).
Ion y No damage but all in L.O.S. have ionization level raised by one.
Neutron y No damage to modules, equipment. Every being in L.O.S. “Oucho”ed.
Plasma y 1d6 fire damage to all in L.O.S. and within 6 squares.
Smoke n Cuts off LOS and Life Support in the module.
Stun y All in L.O.S. make passive Athletics vs.11. Difference is stun markers.
Satchel charge y 1d6 hull. 4,5,6 breaks module. 2d6 personal damage. Mass 3, Cost 50.
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