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Fighter Upgrade Chart

Accessport Tentac -1 difficulty on Engineering checks for repairs to the fighter
Accurate Vomeg You may count the distance to targets as 1 hex closer
Aerodynamic Human -1 difficulty on all Piloting checks
Armored Zoallan -1 collateral damage to all occupants when fighter is damaged
Auto Lock (none) May reroll one hit allocation die on shots
Comfortable Diploid Any penalized action is at one less penalty
Ergonomic Kerbite -1 difficulty on Assist actions
Gargantuan Whaloid Upgrade the fighter to Pod size. +3 to be targeted, holds up to 6 crew, in addition to 1 Whaloid
Gyroscopic Stabilizer Xeloxian Difficulty to launch one lower and ignore OOC when launching or landing
Hyperaggressive Whistler Reroll on Combat skill checks to shoot at targets at a distance of 0
Jump Seat Bot Adds an extra seat that doesn't require an action to climb in or out of, but doesn't allow operation of the fighter's controls. You may spend an action to move between a Jump Seat and a seat with controls
Padded Minutian Minutians inside suffer a maximum of 1 point per die
Phasing Pyreltian If all the occupants are phased out Pyreltians, the fighter phases out
Porta-Ram Beastmen Built-in Porta-Ram considered “in hand” for the crew usable only to break doors
Probe Fungaloid The fighter counts as a Science Probe (see page 138) for the mothership
Redundant Blootian Occupants may reroll one die on Engineering skill checks to repair the fighter
Reinforced Silicoid Reduce the difficulty of survival checks for this fighter by 1
Resonant Matrix Trundlian Add one point of hull damage to each hit it deals without increasing the number on the die
Stealth Tech Otyssian Fighter is one harder to target
Synchronized Chronosian Chronosians only take one die of damage to the self of their choice if they are both in the fighter when it suffers a hit
Vectored Canosian May reroll one die on movement rolls
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