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Fire Effects

Fire can happen to a person or a module. Fire can spread from a person to a module or an adjacent person or from a module to its occupants or adjacent modules.

Personal Fire

Any character taking fire damage catches fire if the damage die result is even. Those on fire suffer a die of burning damage at the end of each phase until the fire goes out. This damage die roll at the end of the phase also determines whether the fire goes out (on a “1”) or splashes an adjacent square (on a “2-5”) or sets the module on fire (on a “6”).

Personal weapons Fire damage to a module has no effect unless it is a “6”. In that case, it breaks the module, catches it on fire, and causes a point of hull damage. Once a module is on fire from whatever source treat it as a module on fire (see below).

Personal equipment, barrels, and cargo bay items are damaged on “6” but do not catch on fire.

Burning Damage and Fire Spread

1 1 Extinguishes
2 2 Forward
3 3 Starboard
4 4 Aft
5 5 Port
6 6 Same square and Catches Module

Damage mitigation (such as luck, tentac retardation, etc.) will not change the fire spread roll. For Tentac damage mitigation roll a second die and then choose one but only the first die roll applies for spread.

Roll a die for damage on all characters, barrels, cargo bay items or untended personal items in the square of splash. The square of splash for a rolled 6 is the same square. Characters sustain the damage as normal and catch fire on even die results.

Module Fire Spread

At the end of each phase, roll 1 die for each module on fire. On a “1” it goes out, “2” = forward, “3” = starboard, “4” = aft, “5” = port, “6” = break the module and deal a point of hull damage. If the indicated direction does not contain a module, the fire doesn’t spread.

At the end of each phase, roll 1 die of fire damage to each character, barrel, Cargo Bay item, and unattended piece of equipment in a module on fire. Even results catch the character on fire.

Fires started at this time do not spread until the end of the following phase.

Ships make only one hull check for fire damage at the end of the fire phase.

Characters suffer at most one die of damage from fire at the end of a phase. So if you are on fire and the module is on fire, or the guy next to you is and it splashes you, you don’t suffer a die from each.

Extinguish Fire (Personal)

(Engineering vs. 8,+3 to target all adjacent fires)

Can be taken on any target in or adjacent to your square. You must be in a module to extinguish a fire in it with this method. Make an Engineering check of 8 to extinguish the fire. You may add +3 to the difficulty to extinguish all legal target fires (in or adjacent to your square). Reduce the difficulty by 1 if you have a toolkit in hand.

Extinguish Fire (Battlestation)

(Engineering vs. 8,+3 to target all fires in the module)

Battlestation action (may be taken remotely) to extinguish a fire in a functioning module.

Grappling with Fire

When a character grapples with or carries a character on fire roll a die. On an even result they catch fire too. This does no immediate damage when it happens. At end of the phase they suffer fire damage as normal.

Spacewalkers and Fire

Spacewalking extinguishes a fire before taking fire damage but subjects you to unsupported Life Support damage if you don’t have an EVA.

A character standing or moving next to a door can opt to open it as a free action during their turn. If an external door was opened at any point during the Phase, roll a die after rolling for fire damage and spread.

All fires in the module go out on a roll of a 1 or 2.

If a character is holding a door open, roll an extra die.

These rules for opening doors are not specific to fire. They are just suddenly very relevant. Opening or holding a door open does not cost you your action. If you leave adjacency from the door, it will close.

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