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Galactic Map

The Galactic Expansion

Since the last publication of FreeTrader’s guide to the galaxy three new sectors have been explored. Sector’s 7, 8, and 9 add on to the bottom of the original map. The entire map is shown here at right.

Of course this makes random sector generation a little more difficult than throwing a single six-sided die but that is the price we pay for progress (along with the fact that the Xeloxians declared war on all three new sectors for religious reasons).

Note that the information contained herein has not yet been completely verified by UREF historians so take it with a planet sized grain of salt.

To randomly determine a sector roll a d66 and consult the following chart.

11-14 1
15-22 2
23-26 3
31-34 4
35-42 5
43-46 6
51-54 7
55-62 8
63-66 9

After determining a random sector, you can determine which planet is indicated by rolling 2d6 and totaling the result.

Thus, a result on the first 2 dice of 5-3 would indicate sector 7 and a result of 4-2 would make planet 6 in sector 7 which happens to be “Reisom.”

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