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Mind Control

There are some missions, effects or abilities that generate a “mind control” effect. In the quick start book, the “Mindfield” mission has mind control effects that are clearly delineated and designed to make the characters slam their ship into mines.

However, true mind control such as from “Puppeteer” special ability on page 65 allows a little more leeway.

Unless specifically stated in the mission details, mind control doesn’t give you complete control of the target. They won’t take an immediate suicidal action and they won’t space themselves or drop their gear.


A target that is under mind control will not:

  • Space themselves or their own personal equipment.
  • Target themselves with a weapon.
  • Drop their equipment (except for a grenade and then only if they move at least 4 squares away from it).
  • Be forced to spend from their Luck or Pools or use up expendable resources (except grenades as noted above).
  • Take an obviously suicidal action such as turning the ship into a collision course with the sun on the next Phase.

A target under mind control may:

  • Use special abilites and equipment that are not expendable. (Except Grenades as noted).
  • Spend from their Luck or Pools as they like.
  • Attack their crewmates, allies, ship or anything but themselves.
  • Attempt to launch a second missile or Teleport themselves even if it looks likely that they’ll harm themselves.
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