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Naming Conventions

Beastmen Grunts or sounds as the beast children name themselves CaCaw, Howoo, Grrr
Bot(sentient) Self-selected often reflecting moment of sentience Unreal, Whispertech, Sourceror, Now, 00001, Freedom, Pew-Pew
Blootian (Bubbloid) Lampoon of human naming schema recombining names Billy rich bob, Liam Will Bill, TeddyEdNed, Betheliza
Canosian Binary clicks and clacks of their language TKT, Ktkt,TkTkah
Chronosian Palindromic NealeaN, BoB, CarolloraC, PartstraP, Emitime
Diploid Two hyphenated monosyllabic names Mack-Jack, Tom-Sue, Bo-Jeff
Fungaloid Organic activities and sounds of mud Leaf-poot, Kloorp, Sklush
Human Given name followed by familial surname Cyril Arnold, Shelby Calvert
Kerbite Reminiscent of biological functions Plop, Shloof, Fffrap, Uuurp
Loomi One initial preceding or following a brief clan marker R. Den, Air L., Al X., Boor S., Sime N., Larr N.
Meeks (Beastmen) Growls or purrs Grawr, Fddddd, GROWG
Minutian Color-names change based on who they are near. Red, Orange, Yellow, Teal, Indigo, Taupe.
Otyssian Unresolved That guy, The dude, Somebody
Pyreltian (Phasoid) Tri-syllabic stressing middle syllable capitalizing each KolRahBee, MaGenTah, PahJenTree,
Silicoid Mathematical terms Scalene, Incenter, Radix
Tentac Oxymorons, Puns, Plays on words Half Unfull, Darkweight, Monolateral, Premortem,
Trundlian Objectionable offensive terms Yomama, 'K-Off, Sunshine-slot
Vomeg Scent based terms Meat-stink, offal, Sweet-Onion-pie
Whaloid Low resonant bleats Ahoomph, Eaoyyyt, Hawuuuump
Whistler Musical sounds, whistles and chirps Trechewp, Cthrptptp, Frewch
Xeloxian Usually start with the letter X Xven, Xorchek, Xolan
Zoallan Consonants (especially B, G, and R) outnumber vowels Brgbgr, Grbrb, Glrbl,PwrPwr,
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