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Navigation Hazards

Each time a ship jumps there is a chance that something (usually bad) will happen to the ship.

Roll 2 dice. If the total is higher than the number of hexes the heroes are jumping, they are safe. Otherwise, there is a navigation hazard. The base severity for a navigation hazard is equal to the MD.

Add one to this difficulty for each point by which the navigation hazard check was lower than the distance to be traveled. The crew may collectively spend an amount of luck equal to the MD to reroll one of these dice.

Thus if the MD is 3, one hero could spend 3 luck himself or two or more heroes could spend a total of 3 luck to reroll one of the Navigation hazard chance dice.

A ship may only attempt a maximum jump distance of 12 (this would guarantee a navigation hazard).

Resolving Navigation Hazards

Resolve a Navigation Hazard as a single phase of action (phase 1 of a round). Characters can use abilities and equipment including drugs that will last only for the single phase of the Navigation Hazard.

Roll 2d6 and consult the chart on the next page to see which hazard the heroes are facing and what skills and modules can be used to mitigate the severity.

At the start of the Navigation Hazard roll a number of dice equal to the strength of the Hazard.

Actions taken to mitigate the severity add additional dice to the strength but then you take away a number of the highest dice equal to the number of dice you added (this works just as shields retard guns damage and jump actions mitigate time dice).

Each Hazard has a list of which mitigating actions are available for it. If the mitigating action has a module listed for it, it indicates battlestation actions may be taken in the module with the appropriate skill.

“Weapons” indicates a combat check may be taken in any Cannon or Missile Bay module to mitigate the time.

The base difficulty of these checks is Ship Size x2. Add an additional +3 for each additional mitigation die you wish to earn. You must declare the level you are attempting before you roll. If you fail, you earn nothing. There are no further consequences for a failure on this check beyond using the resources expended (putting a used marker on the module, spending guns power, etc.).

Piloting, Hyp, Science: indicates that mitigation actions may be taken in the Helm, Hyperdrive or Science Bay. Helm Actions cost Helm power and Hyperdrive and Science Bay actions are subject to used markers.

Shields: indicates each level of shields provides a mitigation die.

Other: indicates which module(s) can be used to mitigate this hazard.

After the single phase of action, the remaining hazard strength dice will be read based on the hazard “Severity” chart.

“X” = the number of severity dice that are not “1” This means that if you have a Hazard with 5 severity and 2 of the dice are “1”s then X will be 3. So getting Lost with an X of 3 would add 3 days to your journey.

For the Dust Cloud, the total number of remaining Severity dice that are not “1” indicates the number of phases that shields will not function at the beginning of the next mission.

“Y” = The total of the severity dice.


The heroes are traveling 7 hexes on the galactic map. They throw a 5 so they suffer a Navigation hazard at plus 2 MD.

2d6 EVENT Piloting HYP Science Shields OTHER EFFECT
2 Dust Cloud Engines Shields will not function for the rest of the campaign turn for the first X phases of the mission
3 Energy Vortex x x Engines Apply a Cannon hit from the front at a power of double Y. Count Shields normally
4 Temporal Shockwave x x x Sick bay All characters suffer stun check against 12 at the start of each phase for a number of phases equal to X at the start of the mission
5 EMP Field x x x Cloak Enemy chooses to EMP a number of items equal to X at the start of the mission this campaign turn
6 Lost x x Add X days to the travel time
7 Comet x x x Weapons Apply as a hit with power Y from the front. Ignores shields
8 Asteroid Field x x Weapons Y hits from front at 1 die each. Ignore shields. Roll hit allocation for each
9 Rescue Pod x x If you have a Tractor, you may make an Engineering check against 12 + X. If successful, see Tractored Objects chart below
10 Ion Storm xx x x Sick bay During any mission, the first X times each character suffers damage, they suffer an additional die of damage
11 Radiation Storm xx x xx Sick bay Each character suffers X damage that cannot be prevented or healed until end of campaign turn
12 Black hole xx x x Cloak Apply X squared as hull damage then face the hazard again at a new difficulty equal to X

Tractored Objects (Enemy’s Eyes Only)

2 Useless junk Priceless relic as per #3 below. If it survives until end of the campaign turn, they’ll be paid well.
3 Priceless Relic Bomb that will detonate like a Megatorpedo (page 115) if damaged during the mission but if not will sell for 1d6x1000 cr
4 Rescue Pod Purports to be an ally and is random species and rank = MD but during the mission, they turn on you.
5 Rescue Pod An ally with rank = MD. Will fight for you as an ally until they die.
6 Rescue Pod Appears to be a wealthy person as below but is actually an enemy spy who will turn against the heroes
7 Rescue Pod containing a wealthy person of note who will pay handsomely if they survive to the end of the campaign turn.They pay 1d6x1000 cr
8 Karma Toad Each hero gains 1 bonus luck for this mission.
9 Treasure item Roll on the chart on page 164
10 Barrel of 1d6x1000cr Just as it appears
11 Barrel of intellinanobots Each character may upgrade one item immediately without spending their upgrade action or making a skill check
12 Sealed Love letters from the Zoallan Queen If returned to the queen sealed, she’ll give each character a favor. If opened, she’ll give the crew one collective favor. The queen’s favor can allow you to take any overwhelming success reward.
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