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Personal Damage

Whenever a character suffers personal damage, they apply damage reduction and the effects of drugs if any. Personal damage you would sustain is luckable. Record the resulting damage on your character sheet (or track it with polyhedrals or something next to enemies).

Damage Reduction

Anything other than drugs that mitigates damage is counted as Damage Reduction. This includes but is not limited to: Special Abilities, Armor, and Species Abilities. Some abilities or weapons allow the attacker to ignore Damage Reduction as listed in their descriptions.


If the damage for a character is equal to or greater than their Hit Points, the character is unconscious. They may not move or take any actions including free actions. They are incapacitated and it is easier to target them (+3).

If a character’s damage drops to this level, they can do nothing for the entire phase. If they are subsequently healed, they spend the rest of the phase they are healed recovering.

A recovering character may not move or take actions even free actions: it is as if they don’t get a turn at all. They cannot use Alien or special abilities to get more actions. Recovering characters will not get free attacks on characters moving through their square.


A character whose damage exceeds their Hit Points by 6 or more is dying. They will not recover unless they are treated in a Sick Bay (page 141). If there is no Sick Bay in the Scenario, the character is just dead.

Dying characters have a tough time breathing (or whatever they do). They automatically suffer 1 die of unsupported Life Support damage at the end of each round as though they were in a ship with no functional Life Support modules unless somebody performs CPR on them.


(Science vs. 11)

If successful, the dying character is entitled to an Athletics check of 11 to resist the unsupported Life Support damage they receive at the end of each Round. If you have a MedKit, subtract 1 from the difficulty of this check.


A character who has wounds that do not exceed their Hit Points by more than 6 may be healed for one die of damage with a Science check vs 11 by a character with a MedKit (page 94)

The Sick Bay (page 141) is also useful in healing.

Targeting Modules

You may target a module. It has a target number of 3. If you hit, roll damage. Each die result of “6” puts a broken marker on the module and deals a point of hull damage. Modules can have at most 2 broken markers on them and are then slagged (see page 108 for details on broken and slagged modules).

If you miss, you deal no damage.

Targeting Personal Equipment

The target number for personal equipment is 11. If you hit, roll damage. Each die result of a “6” breaks the item. An item that is doubly broken is destroyed beyond repair. Note that an item on the ground will almost always be at a +3 bonus to target because it is motionless. A hurled grenade is not motionless until the end of the phase.

A broken grenade is destroyed without generating its effect.

Repair Equipment

(Science vs. 11)

A broken piece of personal equipment can be repaired with a Science skill check action vs. 11. A WristComp reduces the difficulty by 1 for this skill check. Doubly broken personal equipment is destroyed. There are no consequences to a failed repair check.

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