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Personality Profiles

Here are a bunch of strange characters. Feel free to use a d66 to randomize and mix and match. Or, for ease of play, you can just roll once and read across the line. Adding a Personality to the Enemy crew costs an additional Plot Twist card. Their crew gets the benefit listed.

11 Scratchster Meeks Playful Each crewman gets an additional unarmed melee attack if they take only melee attack actions.
12 Zero, zero, zero, zero, etc. Sentient Bot Friendly Morale attacks against this ship are at -3 difficulty. 0000etc. doesn't really want to fight.
13 Tickedit Canosian Surly All crew have the Enraged ability from BSA 59.
14 Pop! Blootian Dumb Doubles always fail on skill checks for this crew.
15 Area Era Chronosian Defensive This crew is armed with area effect weapons, and they get double the area in their shots.
16 ThomTom Diploid Generous Will heal downed foes. Always uses Field_Surgeon (BSA 59).
21 Drip Fungaloid Hesitant This crew goes on overwatch to take actions instead of acting immediately. Will take actions at last opportunity.
22 Bartholomew Human Aggressive Each member of this crew gets a free melee attack each Phase.
23 Snoozan Kerbite Boring This crew takes only obvious actions.
24 Larr N Loomi Crazy Doubles always succeeds for this crew's actions.
25 Brownish Minutian Dull-Witted Skill checks for this crew are 1 harder.
26 FanTasTic Pyreltian Egalitarian Skill for this crew are all the average of the primary and secondary numbers.
31 Parameter Silicoid Gross Others in the same module as this crew have no Life Support.
32 Oxygenius Tentac Happy When any of this crew succeeds in a skill check, the next skill check for any of them is one easier.
33 Mybad Trundlian Insincere One member of this crew gets a free Diplomacy action each Phase. They apologize for the misunderstanding and explain that they are surrendering now. They don't actually stop fighting.
34 Compost Hole Trundlian Jumpy Enemy actions come before hero actions for this crew.
35 Wahumph Whaloid Killer Icy. This crew disregards any penalties to attack skill checks.
36 Wheechew Whistler Lovelorn Each time one of this crew is killed, all the others get a free action immediately.
41 XipGun Xeloxian Mad This crew gets to re-roll 1 die in ALL hit allocations and damage rolls.
42 Zzz Zoallan Nihilistic This crew adds +1d6 to all damage they do personally.
43 Grrrr! Lupinoid Open This crew adds +1d6 of melee damage for each ally adjacent to the target.
44 1 Sentient Bot Honest This crew gets +1 on all skill checks but suffers +1 point of personal damage each time they are damaged.
45 TtTtT Canosian Proud This crew announces their intended actions at the start of hero actions. They get +3 on their skill checks if they take the announced action, or -3 if they take a different action.
46 Sweetie Kerbite Questioning This crew's assist actions give +3 instead of +1.
51 Vinnie Wing Human Righteous Any action this crew actively takes adds +1 and a re-roll to the skill check. All of their passive sill checks are at -3.
52 Flehh Fungaloid Scientific This crew gets +3 and a re-roll on all Science checks. They are all equipped with MedKits.
53 Pi Silicoid Flighty Crewmembers reduce skill values and move by 1 if unwounded but add 3 to each if they are wounded.
54 Dr. Nameless Jr., III Tentac Iconoclastic This crew rolls an extra die (luckable) with each skill check. On an odd result it adds to the total. On an even result it subtracts.
55 Trundlian Trundlian Unflappable This crew ignores all penalties to their actions.
56 Potty Vomeg Victimized Anybody who damages one of this crew suffers -3 on all skill checks until they spend an automatic action apologizing.
61 Cacoph Whistler Wary This crew may peek as a free action at the end of each move. They may also freely pop without penalty.
62 XideX Xeloxian Xenophobic This crew ignores species abilities that mitigate damage.
63 DaPete Diploid Young This crew adds the MD again to Hit Points.
64 Vrdnt Zoallan Zealous Turn the lowest damage die in personal damage this crew deals to a “6” (before reduction due to luck, etc.).
65 Seanathan Blootian Humorless This crew gets +1 on skill checks but -3 on morale checks.
66 Jack Edwards Human Manic Impressive This crew gets +3 on all skill checks unless they are damaged, in which case they all get -3 on their skill checks.
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