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Plot Twists

Plot Twists help balance the game and provide a little flair.

Many missions will have recommended Plot Twists that you can select by spending Plot Twist cards before the mission. The number on the Plot twist indicates how many Plot Twist cards you must spend to select this plot twist.

Morale Ability

There is a special category of Plot Twist “Enemy Morale Ability.” You may select one Twist from this group regardless of the mission by spending the listed amount of Plot Twist cards before the mission. This chart has a randomizing column for use if the enemy likes or in the case that you are using solitaire rules.

Standard bots in the enemy crew do not gain these benefits. Apply the benefits to the crew of one vessel or all enemies if it is a mission that doesn’t have an opposing vessel.

As always, use good judgement and don’t select abilities that would be absurd or unduly harsh based on the circumstances.

This ability goes away as soon as the enemy fails a morale check aimed at disrupting this ability (see morale page 46).

Enemy Morale Ability Plot Twist Chart

Use the chart below to select enemy abilities. These abilities are all disrupted when the enemy crew fails a morale check aimed at disrupting the ability.

11 2 Agile Add +2 target number for enemies
12 1 AllEngineer Enemies get a reroll on all Engineering skill checks
13 1 AllMarine Enemies get a reroll on all Combat skill checks
14 1 AllPilot Enemies get a reroll on all Piloting skill checks
15 4 Allpro Enemies get professional reroll in all skills.
16 1 AllScience Enemies get a reroll on all Science skill checks
21 2 Bloodlusted Enemies get a free action 1/phase when they down somebody
22 5 Braced All enemies are considered “braced” and may reroll 1 die each time they take damage.
23 3 Brutal Foes Enemies may reroll 1 die of personal weapon damage for each attack.
24 4 Death Marchers Enemies have +3 hit points and don't need to “recover” after being healed.
25 2 Dirty Fighters Characters dealt direct personal weapon damage by enemies are at -3 on non-passive skill checks until fully healed.
26 4 Driven Enemies reduce all of their skill check difficulties by 1.
31 4 Efficient Enemies Remove the used markers from the enemy ships at the end of Phase 4 of the first Round in addition to the removal on Phase 6.
32 3 EMT Enemy Scientists are always considered on overwatch to heal at the end of their turn akin to the EMT ability on page 57.
33 3 Fanatics All enemies get a free melee attack each phase.
34 2 Fast Enemies Reverse Sequence of Play. Enemy actions act first in a Phase.
35 2 Fast Healers All enemies heal double.
36 2 Jury Riggers Enemy characters each get one free attempt to repair a broken module they are in as free action once per phase.
41 4 Lucky Devils All skill check rolls of doubles for enemies succeed (except snake eyes).
42 2 Mobile All enemies get +3 to their move number.
43 1 Motivated Add +3 to the difficulty to intimidate the enemy and all of their morale checks.
44 2 Overloaders Enemies may fire ship's Cannons as if they had the heroes' special ability “Overloader” page 64.
45 2 Patient Enemies that prepare get +3 on their skill check.
46 2 Prepared They've been planning this for a long time. In their first skill check, each enemy adds +MD to their roll.
51 3 Reflexive Enemy pilots get a free attempt to ram or dodge each phase. This costs no action.
52 2 Sharp-shooters There is a free reroll on all enemy ship's combat skill checks to fire cannons.
53 4 Shock Troopers Enemy characters go on overwatch to attack with their personal weapons at the end of their last move action in a phase.
54 3 Spiteful Devils The first time each Phase that a hero damages an enemy with a personal attack, that enemy gets a free personal weapon attack on the hero.
55 6 Star-Crossed Whenever an enemy has to make a skill check, roll only one die and count the other as “6”.
56 2 Sturdy All enemies have +3 hit points.
61 5 Superlucky All enemy luck rolls succeed.
62 2 Tramplers All enemies may make one free melee attack per phase if they pass through a character's space.
63 1 Uncanny Intelligence The enemy knows the heroes plans as if there is a referee listening in on the players of a game.
64 2 Unsinkable Free reroll for all enemy survival checks including ships, microships and individuals vs. stun, disintegrate, etc.
65 2 Zone Controllers All enemies have the Zone Controller special ability (see page 71).
66 1 Roll Twice Roll twice on this chart and reduce the cost by one for each ability. Add another treasure.
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