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Run Mission

The Enemy will announce the start of the mission and after warp in run it in phases and rounds (6 phases per round) until an end of mission goal has been met or (more likely) it has become obvious that a mission is successful or a failure. There will be more on this in the Enemy’s section.

Warp In

At the start of the mission, place the heroes’ ship at speed 1 with random facing 20 hexes from the nearest of any powered up ship or planetary sized body or larger.

At the start of the first phase a ship arrives only, a character may use the Hyperdrive in an attempt to warp in closer by making a Science Skill check against a difficulty of the ship’s size.

Success moves the ship one hex in any direction of your choice. Each 3 points above what is needed moves the ship one additional hex.

Note: this movement does not trigger rams, mines, asteroid collision, etc.

Note: unlike most actions in Battlestations, you do not declare a target before rolling the dice.

Begin Phase 1 of Round 1

Use an off color die to mark the Phase at 1. Adjust this at the end of each Phase.

Power Generation

On Phase 1 of each round, each ship goes up to a minimum level of 1 power in all systems if at least one Engine is functional.

Power cannot be added to the Shields if the Science Bay is broken.

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