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Setup Mission

The Enemy reads the mission briefing aloud to the players and sets up the mission according to the setup. There may be secrets about the mission that the Enemy will keep secret. (That’s why they are secrets).

Space maps (hexes)

The mission setup will indicate whether to use the empty hex maps or asteroid covered map sides for space. If using asteroid covered sides the Enemy will select which to use unless specified.

Enemy ships and crews

If there is an enemy ship called for in the mission setup, the Enemy player will crew it with as many of the indicated species as there are heroes and fill the empty spots with bots. Unless otherwise specified, the crew will be evenly distributed between the 4 professions. The Enemy makes any decisions about which professions to replace with bots if necessary.

Enemy crews will have attributes and equipment as determined on page 160. They may also have a morale ability as determined on page 162.

In the rare case that the species is not indicated (or if desired for further randomness) you may select a random species with the chart on page 284.

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