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Ship Movement

Ships travel a number of hexes each phase equal to the ship speed in the direction they are heading.

A few ship’s manoeuvres (sideslip, stall) or an overwatch action to change facing or speed will modify this. See Helm page 128 for details.

The speed limit for ships is 5.

Movement Order

  1. Move each ship one of its hexes at a time.
  2. Start with the fastest ship.
  3. Ships of the same speed move in size order (small to large). If tied in speed and size, heroes’ move first.
  4. After each hex of movement, check for collisions.
  5. If a ship moving at speed greater than 1 moves into a hex with an astral body, it will collide unless an overwatch action to dodge is successful.
  6. Ships moving into the same hex as another object smaller than an asteroid will not collide unless one of the characters on the moving ship or the ship already in the hex is on overwatch to ram.
  7. A collision with a planet, moon or asteroid is like a ram with a ship of your same size and speed and then your ship gets a random facing and skips off in a random direction.
  8. Anything moving into a hex with a star, black hole, pulsar, or quasar is destroyed.
  9. Line of Sight - All Astral bodies except rings block line of sight. Rings count as 2 hexes each when determining line of sight.

Missile Movement

Missiles move in order of priority from lowest number to highest.

Missile Resolution

Missiles resolve in order of priority from highest number to lowest.

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