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Ships as Characters


Ships begin at Rank 0. They gain and spend Prestige like characters except they don't get bonus prestige for dying. Each time they Rank up, they get a new special ability selected at random from the chart below by rolling a d66 (roll 2 dice reading he first one as 10s digit and the second one as 1s digit.) If the resulting ability is one the ship already has, you may choose any ability on the list.

Note: When using these “ships as characters” rules, add 1 Plot Twist card for the enemy per Rank of the ship.

11 Ablative Armor Ignore one point of hull damage in each hit that deals more than one point of damage to the ship.
12 Anti-Intruder Airlocks Anybody not a member of the crew, their bots, or allies, entering a space next to an external door must make an Athletics check of 8 or be sucked out.
13 Anti-Missile Defense Anybody arriving on this ship by boarding missile suffers a die of damage.
14 Black Box If the ship is destroyed, this becomes a barrel floating in the hex. If it is recovered, the rebuilt ship maintains its Rank but loses any unspent Prestige.
15 Battle-Hardened Cargo Bay items that have a passive effect (Missile Enhancement, Inertial Dampener, Hull Stabilizer) will still function in a broken module as long as they are not broken and the Cargo Bay is not slagged.
16 Cooperative The recipient of an assist action on a battlestation action may substitute the natural dice roll of the assisting character instead of rolling dice themselves. They still apply their own relevant modifiers.
21 Coordinated Battlestations Any attempt to assist any battlestation action on the ship is one easier.
22 Deep Thinking The ship (i.e. the Enemy) gives tactical advice to the crew. (Reminds them of things they may have forgotten, etc.)
23 Directed This ship selects a facing instead of randomly rolling whenever it would get a random facing.
24 Empowered There is one extra power to be added as a free action once per Round.
25 Encouraging The ship can give one free automatically successful assist per Phase to one character for a battlestation action.
26 Ferocious Successful Survival Checks forced by this ship must re-roll the highest die.
31 Hostile Life Support Enemies aboard treat the ship as having no Life Support (check at end of Phase).
32 Impenetrable Missiles attacking this ship deal 1 point less of damage per die. (They still break modules and cause OOC on 4,5,6.)
33 Landing Gear Attempts to land get a free re-roll on skill checks and Drift dice (see Dirtside!). Landing generates no OOC.
34 Medical Any attempt to heal, cure, etox, de-EMP, de-ionize, or put out a fire anywhere aboard gets a free re-roll.
35 Menacing Hostile ships must make a Morale check once per Phase in addition to any taken as a character action. (Page 46)
36 Motorized Cargo Ramp From anywhere in the Cargo Bay, it is a free action to move to the first square outside the Cargo Bay. (In Dirtside, go to the first space outside the Cargo Bay.)
41 Padded All aboard are considered braced against collateral damage.
42 Pod Ready This ship will dock or undock a cargo pod or docked Fighter once per Phase as directed by an authorized crew as a free and automatic action.
43 Power Capacitor The ship does not lose power at the end of the Round (or end of Phase if on a a planet.
44 Prepped Any character who prepares for a battlestation action reduces the difficulty for that action by an additional 1.
45 Pre-Tuned The first battlestation action in each module during a mission is 1 easier. (Mark the modules before the mission.)
46 Quiet Once per Phase, as a free action, the ship may ECM one missile. This is automatically successful but puts a Used marker on the Science Bay.
51 Rammer May re-roll one hit allocation die for one of the hits to an Enemy ship with each ram.
52 Rapid Transit Each friendly aboard adds one to their move value for their move action only. Unconscious characters can be moved one square per Phase in this way.
53 Rebooting It is a free action to put out fires in or hack the modules of this ship.
54 Regenerative Hull Reduce hull damage by 1 point per Phase.
55 Safety Netting Incoming Cannon fire deals 1 less point per hit on collateral damage (hull damage, break and OOC is unaffected.)
56 Sentient Ship can take one automatic battlestation action per Phase.
61 Slippery Enemies get one fewer scans for each scan action against this ship.
62 Stealth Targeting this ship is one harder.
63 Tactical Inhibitors All non-friendly skill checks aboard this ship are at one higher difficulty.
64 Unsinkable This ship as a pool of 5 hull check re-rolls.
65 Velocitous Acceleration with this ship is always successful, but it generates as much OOC as if it had failed.
66 Waggling While this ship is making any maneuver, it ignores facing restrictions. (For example, those on overwatch may fire Cannons in any direction.)
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