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Special Abilities

With each Rank you select one Special Ability. Some Special Abilities have a pool that limits the number of times the ability may be used in a campaign turn. If this pool is based on a skill, use only your base skill to determine the pool. It is unaffected by drugs, cyberware, toxins, etc. Unless otherwise stated, you may only take each ability a maximum of once.

Special Ability Chart: On the next four pages1) is a color-coded chart that will help you decide which Special Ability to choose for your character.

All around marines
Best for shipboard marines
Best for boarding marines
Good for engineers and scientists
All around engineers
Best for shipboard engineers
Best for boarding engineers
All around scientists
Best for shipboard scientists
Best for boarding scientists
All around pilots
Best for starship pilots
Best for fighter pilots
Denotes a Psionic Ability


Some feats are amazing. Others stretch beyond the bounds of science. Generally, abilities that do something that looks otherwise impossible are psionic.

A “Brutal” character can be very effective albeit mundane by rerolling his damage based on his training and talent. A “Prestidigitator” pulling stuff out of thin air or a “Slipster” moving through walls are using Psionics.

Some Special Abilities require a Psionics skill check to use and/or have a pool based on Psionics. No Special Ability requires a Psionics skill unless they have a pool based on Psionics.

Just like a character with a zero Piloting can try to fly the ship, a character with a zero Psionics (and the “Beguiler” ability) can try to Beguile an enemy.


If you want to change one of your Special Abilities or your profession, you must spend one mission without it. After the mission, you may replace it with another.

Sample Character Sheet

Spacelegs Ignore OOC - -
Speed Demon Reroll Accelerate/Decelerate Piloting x2 = 8
Miracle Worker Roll a 12 (and +1 Luck) 1
Unsinkable Reroll Hull & Survival checks 8

Above is part of a character sheet for a Rank 4 character named Theo Retica who happens to be a pilot. There is no pool for Spacelegs. It just keeps working. Theo can use Speed Demon 8 times for Piloting checks to change Speed.

One can also use it for Fighter movement but since Theo isn't planning on being on a fighter, I didn't bother writing that note down.

Miracle Worker is a one time shot and Unsinkable gives Theo 10 rerolls on survival checks.

The “Used” column is there so you can mark in pencil as Theo uses up the abilities that have a pool. Pools replenish after the campaign turn.

50-53 of the printed manual.
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