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Starship Modules

So you've got your character with a species, skills, luck, a special ability and equipment. Now you need a method to get to the adventure.

The players collectively crew the starship. Starting characters should get a Size 3 ship in the hull registry of their choice outfitted with the modules of their choosing (Human ships are good for beginners).

See page 263 for a list of hull registries and ship layouts.

Arrange the modules of the ship in the configuration of the heroes choosing keeping in mind that certain modules will have restrictions (Helm must have forward facing, Engines face the rear, Cannons will only be able to shoot in the facings where they aren't blocked).

Each module provides functionality to the ship.

You operate modules from the starred “battlestation” squares. You must "hack" (page 45) enemy battlestations before you can use them.

The following modules are required on all starships:

It is highly recommended you have two Engines and a weapon or two as well as some way of getting off the ship (Missile Bay or Teleporter) for away action as needed.

A ship can have no more than 4 of any given module.

External Facing

This means the module is not obstructed from a given side. It may have External Facing in several directions (like the Human's scout forward Cannon on page 272).

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