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What about using (restricted) HTML? It'd be quite handy in a few places (like doing boxes with a light gray background, or highlighting some texts with colors, etc.). — Juanma Barranquero 2017/07/03 08:56

can do. There's some table enhancing plugins that expand the styling. — Peter Cobcroft 2017/07/03 19:01

That'd be great, but as I said, it's not just about tables. Being able to add CSS styles to text and blocks would be useful. Most wiki software supports some form of restricted HTML/CSS. — Juanma Barranquero 2017/07/04 00:35

This can be done with templates for entire namespaces - which is why I'm keen on all missions to be in the same namespace. It's much easier to have all pages of particular types to look a certain way. — Peter Cobcroft 2017/07/04 01:11

And same for rules, at least for the ARB. Being able to change their look at once would be a big plus. — Juanma Barranquero 2017/07/04 02:13

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