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Just thought I'd point out that a Fungaloid ship has telechutes without a cargo bay, that's its registry ability Fungaloid Size 4 FrigatePeter Cobcroft 2017/11/18 13:14

We could also requisition another module and jump to a size 5 ship. Mark Ashcroft

So different ship types that would help based on how we have been playing.
Tentac - No module facing restrictions and 360 fire arcs. Just good really. FlippyNips would love it.
Whistler - Pump or transfer power from any station no penalty. Stop Toowheet-Twoo running around.
Trundlian - If there is any power in Guns, consider it one power higher. FlippyNips likes guns.
Canosian - If shields are powered, they count 1 higher for defense and 1 lower if you are Teleporting. Defenses are good.
Mark Ashcroft

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