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Profession : [Scientist]
Species : Canosian
Alien Ability : [description of ability]

Skill Level Statistics
Athletics Athletics 1 HP Base [HPB] Hit Points Hit Points [ATH+Rank+HPB]
Combat Combat 1 Move Move 6 Damage [Dmg]
Engineering Engineering 0 Luck Luck 6 Spent Luck [spent]
Piloting Piloting 1 Target Number Target Number 9 Rank 1
Science Science 4 Hands Hands Carry 10
Prestige 300 Experience 300 Credits 800

Special Abilities

Ability Notes Pool Used
Research Specialist You always count only half the Used markers on the Science Bay for penalties (round up). Furthermore, you may spend from this pool to reroll any use of the Science Bay. 8
[rank 2]
[rank 3]
[rank 4]

Personal Equipment

Item Notes Mass Status
Medkit A MedKit in hand allows you to use your Science skill to heal, detoxify or de-ionize yourself and/or adjacent characters. 5
Blaster 2d6-1 4



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Crew :

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