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Slug Machine Gun

750cr, mass 15, non-energized, rq# 12 ☠

Damage/Effect: Combat Skill check vs. 8. Affects a number of squares equal to 2x successes. All must be in L.O.S. and contiguous. Deals whatever ammo selected with to those in area effect.

Doubles affects your square.

Slug Weapons

Slug weapons fire bullets using archaic technology that isn’t subject to EMP. Select one type of ammo when you shoot but don’t bother counting shots.

Slug Gun Ammunition


  1. Standard = 1d6+1
  2. AP = 1d6-1 ignore all damage reduction
  3. Scattershot = 1d6 (reduce Combat skill check difficulty by 3 but apply damage reduction and range penalties twice).
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