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The finishing touch to your character is to add the tools you will use to further your dominance of the universe. Personal equipment, weapons, ship’s modules, Cargo Bay items, pods and more are listed in the charts on the following pages and detailed in the sections starting after the lists.

A starting character will be given a blaster and their choice of a MedKit or ToolKit. Characters that wear armor will also be issued armor. A one time bonus of 500 credits is given to each starting character.

A character that dies or is captured on a mission will have their clone wake up with a shiny new blaster and a MedKit with the fondest of hopes they learn how to use at least one of them before they return to the cloning vats.


The item’s name.


This is how many credits you may pay to acquire the item new. If you have one to sell, you get ¼ of this price (round down) as long as it isn’t something issued for free by the UREF.


How much of your carry capacity this item takes up. Note that this isn’t a measure of actual mass (a skill chip doesn’t way half as much as a blaster) but more a measure of the toll it takes on you to carry such an object. (Having a chip in your head is literally a load on your mind).


Declares whether an object is energized. This is important if an EMP field is encountered (see page 82).


An item that has a number here indicates how high you must roll on two dice (adding your rank) to acquire this item during requisitions at the end of the campaign turn (see page 149).

Items that have rq# X cannot be requisitioned.

Items that have rq# “-” are automatically successful to requisition.


This is a brief description of the item. See the relevant section for further details.

Area Effect, Indirect

A weapon that is Area Effect will deal damage to all in an area. Typically special abilities will not apply to area effect damage (such as arc lasers, sonic beams, grenades, plasma projectors, etc.)


Unless otherwise stated upgraded weapons reduce the difficulty of the combat skill check to use them by 1 and all other objects have their mass reduced by half when upgraded.


🚫 A safe weapon does not have a chance to cause damage to the module if it misses.


☠ A dangerous weapon damages you if doubles are rolled in a skill check to use or quickdraw it.

Equipment Indexes

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