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Welcome to the Heroic Adventure wiki. You are able to read all its content - the official rules and any new material created by players of the Battlestations game without creating a user account and registering. This requires a valid email address and using the ReCaptcha anti-robot verification.

However- if you wish to add new content, correct existing content, discuss any of the official rules or use the wiki to keep track of your own campaigns, you will need to create a user account.

Becoming a user requires an acknowledgement of our terms of service, and if you behave badly you will be warned, or banned from the wiki.

You must

  • Treat everyone with respect - This includes never insulting an individual or their ideas.
  • Respect Intellectual Property - This is not a wiki for converting your favourite franchise into Battlestations. However, it does not preclude making generic, non-trademarked space fantasy/space opera material. You cannot have Death Stars, but you can have moon sized space stations.
    Any artwork you upload must be your own, or you provide proof that you own it or that it is creative commons/public domain.


You can change your password in the “Update Profile” link at the top right of the page, unless you're using this website on a mobile device. The mobile version lacks some features that are on the desktop version.

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