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Page # Errata
16 Lupinoids & Caninoids: “to melee damage they deak” ⇒ “to melee damage they deal
26 Timehop: Add distance limit for the entry point of future self
31 Peeking: Clarify movement after peeking starts from the worst square
38 Ranged Attacks: “difficulty to shoot on page 298” ⇒ “difficulty to shoot on page 299
45 Science: “Science Bay, and Teleporter.” ⇒ “Science Bay, Sick Bay, and Teleporter.”
51 Fire Starter: Should be marked as a psionic ability
51 Hacker: Erroneously recommended for boarding marines, instead of boarding scientists.
51 Hyper-Physicist: Erroneously marked as a psionic ability
51 Intuitive: Should be marked as a psionic ability
57 Dervish: “adjacent targets.” ⇒ “adjacent targets; roll your attack and damage separately for each one.”
75 Rocket Pistol: “Target # = distance +3.” ⇒ “Target # = ½ distance +3.”
90 Arming Grenades: “Instantly” ⇒ “Instantly (in your hand, just after being armed)
127 Engine: Add “The maximum power level for each system is the ship's size
130 Dodge: “a moon or larger object” ⇒ “an asteroid or larger object”
130 Orbit: Missing rule copied from the Quick Start Guide, page 23
137 Missile Movement: Clarify what happens when the target suddenly runs silent and disappears
140 Scan/Counterscan: Add “This effects expires when the scan is spent or removed, or at the end of the Round (whichever comes last).” after first sentence.
176 Mission Selection: “(see the chart on page 296)” ⇒ “(see the chart on page 299)”
288 Arya: “Huyman senator's daughter” ⇒ “Human senator's daughter”
300 Cloak: “Science Bay” ⇒ “Cloaking Device
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