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Keep track of all parts of your Battlestations campaign
Campaign Tracker
Spaceship Tracker
Character Tracker



The tracking pages are for you to keep records of your campaigns.

Currently they are just sorted alphabetically - if you don't see an entry there for your letter, simply create one.

The campaign tracker is the place to start, but you will need to edit the starship and character trackers several times as you make entries, so that the links in each tracker are relevant.

Where possible, in the campaign tracker, please link to the mission you played from the rulebook. Ideally put any notes you have about playing that mission on the talk page for that mission (see discussion)

When you create a new link on a tracking page, it will let you create a new page when you click on the link. Creating the page will auto-populate with the template. These are basic layouts to keep the look of trackers consistent. However - if you find yourself making consistent changes to the template, let us know and we'll modify it so it is less of a hindrance.

It's difficult to keep secrets from other players in your campaign, so please see hiding text.

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