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Stun Gun

200cr, mass 3, energized, rq# 8 🚫

Damage/Effect: Target subject to a stun effect. See the info box on Stun below.


The target of a stun effect must make an Athletics check of 11. The amount by which they fail indicates a number of stun markers they receive.

A stunned character may not move or take any other actions besides “remove a stun marker”.

A stunned character loses all stun markers if damaged, or another character takes the automatic action “wake stunned character” or the stunned character is attacked with a subsequent stun effect. Of course, the subsequent stun effect might restun them instantly.

Any character moving through the square of a stunned character removes a stun marker. Only one marker per character per phase can be removed this way. You can’t do laps through a stunned character to remove multiple stun markers.

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