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Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral

by Neal Sofge and Jeff Siadek


A distress call has come in from a top-secret research station near a supermassive black hole. It's an energy-mining installation, testing two systems for potentially limitless power production:

  1. Antimater gathering – an automated modified Teleporter module selectively grabs just the antimatter atoms from the black hole's Hawking virtual-pair annihilation at the event horizon. It's then loaded into cargo missiles that are sent to a processing plant orbiting a planet a safe distance from the black hole.
  2. Penrose process – an automated modified Gravity Lance gathers accretion disk material in the ergosphere that has picked up energy from the black hole's spacetime frame dragging. It's then converted into a high-powered beam through an automated Cannon module which is in turn collected by a receiving antenna on the processing plant.

The science team's message cuts off abruptly in a gravity-distorted shriek, but what we've been able to decipher points to a smaller compact object entering the system at high velocity and causing widespread destruction.


Rescue either at least one scientist or gather 10 x MD units or data.

Overwhelming Success

Rescue all of the Scientists and the requisite data.

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