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Rescue the Envoy

by Stephen V. Cole and Jeff Siadek


A special Envoy escaped from a dangerous situation on a boarding missile into an asteroid field. You must rescue him to save the peace process. Others are there to rescue him as well but their motives are not in alignment with ours. A group of pirates has been paid to capture him to scuttle the peace talks. A group of mercenaries wants to hold him ransom to the highest bidder. The asteroid field is particularly dense and interferes with the Hyperdrive. You may not program the Hyperdrive or warp while on the asteroid board. At the very least we must assure that the Envoy does not fall into the wrong hands alive. You must use your Science Bay and science probes to locate the Envoy and bring him home before his Life Support fails or the pirates or mercenaries capture him.


Neither of the other ships warps out with the Envoy alive.

Overwhelming Success

Your ship warps out with the Envoy alive.

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