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Secret of the Ovoid

by Joey Vigour


The UREF has been tracking an alien life form whose ship violently crashed onto a tiny asteroid. Your team is tasked with investigating the asteroid as the alien may have been carrying the Ovoid.

The Ovoid is an object that each civilization has sought throughout the ages, believing it grants them special scientific or philosophical advancements. It is unknown what purpose it actually serves. Your mission is to recover this object, understand its purpose, and destroy the space raiders that also seek the Ovoid.

Your only other note is that “the crewmember who takes personal responsibility for the object you recover will receive 500cr bonus pay and 100 extra experience at the end of the mission.”

Players may lie and deceive each other in this scenario. The space raiders are carefully monitoring your ship, so players may not reveal aloud the secret of the Ovoid.


The space raiders are destroyed.

Overwhelming Success

The Ovoid is in the right place.

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