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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Canosian 8 8 5 N Tumble: You get a second move action either before or after your action.

Canosians are huge ergovoric tumbleweeds with small flashes of static electricity zapping intermittently against whatever’s near. They like to find a corner and entwine themselves with power cords and suck the juice through the insulation. Corners suit them fine because they’re relatively shy.

Canosians saw the Republic as their best defense against the intruders that strip-mined their ERG rich worlds but now some see the burdensome taxes of the Republic as more devastating than any mining device. Many Canosians secretly support a revolt but their private nature makes it difficult for them to find a leading voice. Their political system is basically a planetary consensus. Whenever an important issue comes up, they gather at the core of their tunnel-ridden homeworld to hold a meeting that’s described by esoteric xenopolitical sociologists as a ‘proxy convention.’

Alien Ability: Tumble

Canosians get one free move action each phase. This movement can be made before or after any other action, including a normal move (see Move Actions, page 31).

Homeworld: Canos 1.6

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