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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Whistler 9 7 4 5 N Puff: One of your moves in each move action may be a jet move that doesn't require a skill check.

The five worlds orbiting FwoO are home to the Whistlers. They puff about using their feathery appendages in a winglike fashion. Their entry into the Universal Republic was a catalyst to the Galactic Civil War.

Travel between the five worlds is most convenient in shuttles. Arming those shuttles is also convenient if you want to shoot things. Whistlers pioneered fighter technology.

The song-like speech of the Whistler is how they got their name. They can mimic the speech of most other species but few if any can match the range of the Whistler’s language.

Alien Ability: Puff

One of your moves in each move action may be a jet move in a straight line up to 10 squares. This jet doesn’t require a skill check.

Homeworld: Tweet 5.6

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